Contardo Consulting Ltd

Forestry, Wood Processing & Ecosystems Engineering

Contardo Consulting Ltd (CC Forestry • CCF) is a Kenya-based Forestry Consulting firm led by Matteo Contardo (Linkedin), MSc Industrial Engineering & Management, ex-Accenture, supplying advisory, design, and management services to existing and prospect forestry or forest-related projects.

With nearly 10 years of industry expertise in East Africa and beyond, CC Forestry’s approach blends mathematical and analytical rigour, economic and business thinking, and a passion for healthy, productive and biodiverse ecosystems.

Amongst other engagements, CCF currently serves as Resident Advisor for Komaza Forestry — overseeing and leading key initiatives within their Wood Processing, Marketing, and Forestry Certification spaces, — and Technical Consultant for Gatsby Africa — conducting feasibility studies, ad-hoc modelling and R&D work on marketing of East African wood products in international markets. CCF is also Forestry Lead at GHK, a sustainable mixed developement in Kilifi, KENYA.

CCF can be engaged for consulting and advisory work, including modelling and evaluations, from small and large scale clients alike.

Key areas of expertise:
— Forestry Value Chains and Economics
— Wood Processing Technologies
— Timber Products & Markets

Typical areas of engagement:
— Evaluations, assessments and profitability analyses
— Project design & management, e.g. infrastructural investments, new production lines, new operations
— Systematisation and standardisation

RF Offices • Fomo Factory • GHK (ex KP)
PO Box 1017 • 80108 • Kilifi, KENYA

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